To us, knitting is a craftmanship. Our garments may be knitted by a machine in a factory, but in order for the end result to become a sweater, cardigan or dress, you need a great deal of craftmanship knowledge. The journey from idea to finished sweater is long, and it isn’t until we feel good about every detail, that we’ll start the machines. All our clothes are made in Europe, by partners who we have been working with for a long time, who maintain our high quality, and value work on fair terms. It gives us a good insight into the production, as well as shorter transportations and a smaller impact on the environment.

An important part in our craftmanship is that we choose and buy all yarn and details such as buttons and zippers ourselves, and then hire the factory to carry out the knitting. Trough the years, we’ve learned quite a few things about knitting, which we believe will affect the sweater when you start wearing it.


Mer om Holebrooks sin historie her: https://www.holebrook.com/en-no/this-is-holebrook/







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